First Post Ever!!! By me…

So this is my first post on a blog…I hope I don’t misspell anything…

In the interest of “getting this party started”, I will, due to a lack of any creativity at the moment, use common keywords trending around the internet. They are as follows:

Most notable Yahoo! trends as of 04/26/2012:


-Godzillus Fossil

-Credit Cards

-NFL draft 2012

If only these were posted as a headline…

*Breaking News* Chernobyl is offering its own football team for 2012 called the The Godzillus Fossils.  Funded by CreditCardCorp.

Well, there it is…I will look back on this one day and slap myself…

Till next time!





About chrysanthemummy

My apprehension and skepticism are a defense mechanism I have learned to embrace in order to navigate the absurdity of life. (this will be updated as soon as I think of an alternative way to describe myself). Oh! I like star wars...
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