Screwed by a Trojan, Cookies for a Happy Ending

This past weekend I found myself on the receiving end of a Trojan.  As exciting as that may sound I can assure you that no double entendre is being employed here.  Instead I am speaking to the vicious and imperious virus that infected my computer.  As I watched it hack away at my laptop’s innards, all I could think about was how much time this was going to take away from my rampant viewing of internet memes.

How could I go without High Expectations Asian Father or Scumbag Brain!? I cannot go without the thoughtful and poignant levity these jewels provide!

So instead of using access to all of humankind’s knowledge (the internet), to meme-ify myself, I had to use my stupid Ipad 2 to research how to rid myself of this horrid Internet Contraceptive.  3 hours go by and I am at my wit’s end!  I decide to go for broke and go back to the first solution I found.  I avoided it previously due to a scary notice using a cartoon laptop with X’s over the eyes. Plus it said it was only for Windows 7. (I use Vista…don’t judge…there are still people out there using non-smartphones!)

It worked! Balance had been restored!  I could go back to my usual counter-productive self and watch videos mashing up Justin Beiber and Slipknot! (I purposefully misspelled “Bieber” cuz I don’t respect him).

With a big sigh of relief and another bottle of beer, I opened a web browser and searched for something to placate my hunger for the absurd.  It needed to be something that expressed my joy at fixing my computer.  As always, the internet provided and gave me this:


About chrysanthemummy

My apprehension and skepticism are a defense mechanism I have learned to embrace in order to navigate the absurdity of life. (this will be updated as soon as I think of an alternative way to describe myself). Oh! I like star wars...
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