Wine Country Chaos pt.1

The night started with a meetup at Yeti, a Nepalese restaurant in Glen Ellen CA. It was early evening and the setting was straight out of a Thomas Kinkade painting.  The food was amazing (and free**) and quashed all my prior doubts regarding delectable meals prepared by the Himalaya’s indigenous “Abominable Snow Chef”.

“The menu states an 18% percent gratuity with parties above 6 guests!”

After leaving Yeti with our lives and limbs intact, we then proceeded to downtown Sonoma CA to a bar titled Hopmonk. This immediately filled my head with images of a Hip-Hop Buddhist Chipmunk.  Unfortunately, to my chagrin, that was not the theme the restaurateur chose for the establishment. Instead, they decided to go with intimate lighting, great beer, a good crowd and live music. Not a bad combination by any means as it infused us with a good vibes and a persuaded us to spend money on a “slice” of chocolate cake so amazing that even a picture of a sea lion can’t resist. Seen here:

If this sea lion could talk it would say: “AR! AR!” But it can’t because it is just a photo.

Our next destination was any form of bar. It did not take long to find.  We proved our worth with the bouncer and proceeded inside.  My friend quickly discovered that the dj happened to be her UPS driver and went to over to him.  I went immediately to the bar for another beer.  I cannot sufficiently “back dat ass up” on any dancefloor without the proper dose of alcohol.

Beats so Fresh they require Overnight Delivery

As I stood drinking and waiting for my inhibitions to secede, a petite blonde girl boisterously introduced herself…and her boyfriend…and his friend.  I was surprised by their friendliness and later even more surprised and perplexed to find out that she asked my friend about my sexuality. I guess that is what I get for wearing a purple hoodie to a sports bar though.  It was some of the strangest 25 minutes I’ve experienced at a bar.

Stay tuned for Wine Country Chaos pt. 2!

**The dinner was paid for by my amazing friends and I owe them, please do not arrive at Yeti Restaurant expecting free Tikka Masala. Pay for it and enjoy…


About chrysanthemummy

My apprehension and skepticism are a defense mechanism I have learned to embrace in order to navigate the absurdity of life. (this will be updated as soon as I think of an alternative way to describe myself). Oh! I like star wars...
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One Response to Wine Country Chaos pt.1

  1. Jennifer Kesser says:

    Youre hilarious. You forgot the early morning cape wearing golf cart tour! Lol that was so fun! You’re a last dude, even in your purple hoodie!
    Haha, beats so fresh-the require overnight delivery!!!
    “honey, you can’t dance on the DJ’s equipment. It’s inappropriate!”

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